I have been a bit late coming to the podcast party; reinforced by changing over to an android phone last year has left me still trying to find the perfect podcast app that does all I want (and still looking – android recommendations very welcome).  However now I have started I am becoming hooked on them.  Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular across the creative spectrum – whatever your creative interest, there will be a podcast for you.  In this post I am going to mention podcasts from non theatres/theatre companies, I will not be listing which podcast apps they are on but with some you may need to shop around as not all podcasts are on every app – (especially true with the number of android apps).  

One of my top all time podcasts is The Honest Actor’s started by actor Jonathan Harden and now in its third series.  I think The Honest Actor’s podcast and its success is the simplicity of it: actors, some famous, some becoming famous and some not famous, all talking about the reality of being a working actor.  Much of what is said will be familiar to any working actor but also it is also good to hear it from others.  The podcasts are pretty much all actors and aimed at actors but also anyone with an interest in acting and theatre would gain from listening.  The Honest Actors’ twitter link is here.  

Spotlight is a casting resource for performers across the industry and their podcast series reflects this.  The subjects covered are wide ranging from crowdfunding and making your own work, how to get work, advise on auditions/castings and surviving when you get work with information on your rights and safety.  Hosted by a member of Spotlight’s staff the speakers coming from a wide range of background with Equity staff, performers, casting directors and others all give advice.  Usefully the podcasts are not only available via podcasting apps but also on Spotlight’s website.  

Curtain Call podcasts interviews creatives across the board and recently interviews having included BalleyBoyz, composer Laurence Mark Wythe and also interviews those working at London’s fringe theatres.  There is definitely something in this series for any creative and for anyone with an interest in theatre/dance/film/musicals/music and more. 

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