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Welcome to Creatively Speaking, a blog about life as a working performer and creative practice in UK today.   I intend Creatively Speaking to look at what it is to be a working artist, in my case performer, voice artist and workshop facilitator; what are the issue we live with and the success we have: I will also look at the wider creative practice in the UK today.  There will, inevitably, be a leaning toward the performing arts as that is what I know and has been my life since early childhood; but I will endeavour to look at what it is to work in other art forms and hope that those who do will comment and share their experiences.  

As a workshop facilitator who has worked with marginalise and disadvantaged communities, I will also look at the arts and creatively in this world, the work that is currently happening and the issues those of use who work in these areas face. 

Creatively has been a major part of my life from a young age, away from my work I have a major interest in visual arts especially sculpture, and having started my life training as a dancer, dance in all forms is still a major passion of mine and both will, I am sure, come into this blog at some point.


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