One Week In – A Spot of Creativity

A quick spot of creativity to get the New Year going.  64 Million Artists is a national project to unlock everyone’s potential through creativity.  Each January it launches the January Challenge with daily emails with a creative challenge.  It is not about being a brilliant artist, it is about having a go, challenge yourself and share – if only with your best friend or family; on social media if you feel like it.  Sign up by clicking on the link above and if you do share on social media please do share with me on Instagram @samanthawaddilove

If a daily challenge is too much for you then there is also the weekly challenge will be back at the beginning of February; an email each Monday morning in much the same way as the January challenge.  Not only a great way to get your creativity following; I have also found these to be a great source of great source and inspiration for workshop ideas.  Enjoy!!

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