Imagine If: Celebrating Sir Ken Robinson

4th March 2021 would have been Sir Ken Robinson’s 71st birthday; he died in August last year. 

“Imagine if” was a week-long celebration of creativity and the work of Sir Ken Robinson, inspired by his observation that what separates us out from other life on earth is our power of imagination – the power to bring things to mind that are not present to our senses. The week culminated in a full-day live stream, showcasing creativity around the world and honouring the key themes of Sir Ken’s work. 

The full steam is over 11 hours long, including performances, memories of Sir Ken plus a tribute to Gillian Lynne whose childhood he so memorably referenced in his famous TED talk of 2006 “Do schools kill creativity?” which is also there. Intertwined to the segments are responses to the central provocation, Imagine If… 

The 4th March event was the beginning of a global campaign to continue the work of Sir Ken Robinson; you can find out more at Imagine If.  

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