Emma Rice – moving on

Today is Emma Rice’s last day as Artistic Director of The Globe Theatre.  Much has already been said about Rice’s time and in particular her use of light and sound, in the debate that has at times become somewhat acrimonious.  On this occasion I am going to try not to add any fuel to that fire.   

Personally I have very much enjoyed Emma’s time at The Globe, I have seen a number of productions over the seasons in both The Globe and the Wanamaker theatres.  I have welcomed the difference she has brought to it, she has taken the spaces and injected a new way of working into them and bought in new collaborators.  I recognise that these may not be to some people’s taste, but Emma’s ways of working would be well known to anyone who has followed her years of work with Kneehigh.  

Emma is going to run her own company, Wise Children – starting with an adaptions of the Angela Carter novel of the same name.  Whatever your views on her work at The Globe,  Emma is an extraordinary theatre maker, Wise Children should allow her free reign on her creativity.  

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