Presentation Skills Training

Are the above images making you feel nervous? Sweaty palms, dry mouth, legs shaking? If so you are not alone.  Studies show that the two greatest fears are public speaking and death: and many fear the former more than the latter.  However in today’s working world the ability to speak to a group is an essential.

If you consider that body language makes up 55% of communication, followed by 38% tone of voice and just 7% the actual spoken word:[1] without the body language and voice skills your audience may not notice your groundbreaking presentation.   

For actors public speaking is part of our daily lives, from performing on stages big and small, workshops and auditions; it is what we do. Over the years I have also addressed a number of industry meetings and national conferences (supporting young people’s access to creativity) so I understand the fear and skill of public speaking both as an actor and as someone who has done it. 

[1] Albert Mehrabian‘s research Decoding of Inconsistent Communications/Inference of Attitudes from Nonverbal Communication in Two Channels published 1967

Workshop Plan
Workshops are preceded by a preparation call so that I can fully understand what your needs and expectations are.  All workshops are tailored to the specific needs and development issues of participants. Workshops would likely include:

Physical Warm up
Vocal Warm up & Breathing techniques

Owning Your Space & Connection with Your Audience
To Move or Not To Move

Workshops work best with small groups (2-4 participants) but individual work is also possible. For more information or to have a free 5 minute call to see if I can help please get in touch via the Contact Me page. I am particularly keen to support those in social enterprises and not for profit organisations.