Behind the Curtain
(English Touring Theatre)

A podcast series highlighting off-stage, behind the curtain roles: how are they surviving the pandemic of 2020 and what advice to they have for their peers and those wishing to enter the industry. 
Come To Where I’m From

Not strictly a podcast but a collection of plays by Paines Plough available through its own app on either Android or Apple. 

Curtain Call

Podcasts from Curtain Call with interviews backstage at productions across the theatre world.

Donmar Warehouse

Early podcasts (2018) focused on design. Lately more focused on current productions. 

In Good Company

Podcast by Women Who founder Otegha Uwagba aimed at women in the workplace with a strong creative / cultural leaning – good for women in creative roles rather than just performers. 

Industry Minds

Mental health support podcast / also provides mental health support


National Theatre Podcast

NT Talks

An early series of podcasts from the National recorded in 2017 on theatre issues such as failure and new writing: nothing recorded after 2017

Conversations recorded live at the National Theatre as part of its platform talks. 

Off Book

The Young Vic’s podcast series with interviews with directors, writers, and performers relating to productions at The Young Vic.


Pursued by a Bear 
(The Legacy Tapes)

Exeunt Magazine’s Podcast series covers general theatre interviews: the Legacy Tapes talk to theatre artistic directors about legacy in theatre. 
Theatre Royal Stratford East

Early podcasts concentrated on the theatre’s current productions, more recently focusing on the lives and roles of theatre freelancers. 

The Honest Actors’ Podcast

Podcast series by actor Jonathan Harden who interviews actors on the realities of life as a working actor.  

The Royal Court Playwright’s Podcast

“The Writer’s Theatre”‘s series of podcasts with leading and new playwrights, hosted by Simon Stephens. 

The Two Shots podcast Actor Craig Parkinson interviews actors on the highs and lows of the job. 
The Spotlight

Podcasts of a wide variety of subjects from how to get work to your rights when working with guests from across the industry – useful to any performer. 

The Stage

Podcasts from the weekly trade paper

Who Am I This Time?  Actor David Morrissey interviews actors on the before, during and after one significant role in their careers. 
Wise Children

Production podcasts from the new theatre company of Emma Rice, former artistic director of Kneehigh Theatre.